Outdoor Gear Company Launches New Product in Time for Father’s Day

Outdoor Gear Company Launches New Product in Time for Father’s Day

The Ox Store, a Texas-based company specializing in outdoor gear, has created a heavy-duty utility mat that can carry up to a ½ ton (1,000lbs) of weight. The specialized and highly reinforced mat can be used by one or more people to lift and move awkward loads, such as animal carcasses, engine blocks, large rocks, piles of wood, assorted gear, and more.

The Ox Mat was created by Joedy and Cullen, two ranchers, who needed to carry back animals from their hunts. They needed something strong enough to carry dead weight, but something that could be cleaned and used often! They came up with The Ox Mat.

The Ox Mat is an industrial strength multi-purpose mat. Each of our heavy-duty mats are built with durable inner and outer webbing, #6 heavy duty thread, zigzag/bartack stitching at critical pressure points, and high-strength soft rubber handles for easy lifting. Each mat is laminated for style, safety, and durability and can be easily pressure washed.

“We designed this mat for hunters and slowly realized that it has so many capabilities. Construction workers, hunters, mechanics, soldiers, law enforcement, landscapers, and anyone who needs to carry or move heavy loads. Our team has used it to move furniture, transfer hay around their property, tear down a fence and move the wood.” owner, Joedy Cotton, states.

The designers at The Ox Store pride themselves on the attractive, practical, and effective design of the Ox Mat and accessories. It’s a functional mat for any outdoor activity, can be used and cleaned in a multitude of ways, and comes in multiple colors for camouflage or safety.

 The Ox Store is launching just in time for Father’s Day and they have put together “The Dad Box” special! With this special you get: The Ox Mat, a camo face gaiter, a floating Ox hat, and the carrying bag all at a discounted price!

The Ox Store offers a warranty on all products fitting within the proper return specs.

To learn more about The Ox Mat and their services, visit TheOxStore.com.

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