5 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Car

5 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Car

1- spare tire - the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with no replacement tire for the one that just blew. Most cars have specific storage areas for your spare tire.

spare tire ox mat

2- ox mat - if you do blow a tire you don’t want to lay on the road, the safety ox mat is a great barrier between your person and the ground. It also has reflective details to help make yourself visible to oncoming traffic

3- license, registration, and insurance - you don’t want to get caught behind the wheel without these three ever, no explanation needed

4- empty gas can - running out of gas can be hard or it can be easy, most of the time it’s hard … already having a gas can can make it easy. Walk to the nearest gas station and fill her up, hopefully it’s nice weather that day.

5- roadside assistance - most of these issues can be resolved with roadside assistance, someone can come do the hard work for you, most assistance programs help when you’ve run out of gas also.

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