About Us

About Us

Brother in Law’s Cullen, Aaron, and Shane went on an African Safari Hunt about two years ago. They harvested some animals, with no thought on how they were going to get the animals back to camp. Luckily, their safari guide had this mat that he had rigged to carry the animals back on.

And so the Ox Mat was born! 

While the Ox Mat was originally created for hunting, it was a quick realization that this was a completely versatile product that everyone could get use out of. The handles make it easy to pick up anything that requires a good grip, anything from awkward furniture all the way to refusing to make more than one trip for the groceries, the Ox Mat does it all. “We have used and abused this product to make sure it is ready for the market: we have moved water pressure tanks, heavy furniture, we rigged a pulley system with an Ox Mat to move a Mesquite headboard to a second story bedroom, we’ve used it as a shooting blanket, for picnics, and much more,” says co-creator Cullen.  

2021 is The Year of the Ox, so we have decided this is the year we hit the ground running. An Ox year happens every 12 years, this year is a Metal Ox year. Oxes are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. The Ox Mat is as strong as an ox, and we are determined to get one in everyone’s hands this year. 

The Ox Mat features a high tensile cordura fabric, it’s pvc laminated, and easy to clean with a hose or a pressure washer. It has multiple webbed loops around the perimeter for you to clip in with a carabiner for easy access, or to create a sort of pulley system for lifting. The durability and usability is exciting. 

The Ox Mat

The OX Mat is an industrial strength multi-purpose mat used by construction workers, hunters, mechanics, soldiers, law enforcement, landscapers, and anyone who needs to carry or move heavy loads weighing up to a half ton.

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